Why Should Fax Advertising Be Part Of My Marketing Budget?

Fax Advertising should be a part of the marketing budget for any company. This marketing method can be very cost effective compared to other types. It is also an excellent way to target a specific group of consumers to get them interested in the products and services your company has to offer.

Internet marketing, telesales, email marketing and other forms of marketing have become disliked by many consumers in this country. Fax Advertising is a very effective alternative that most consumers don’t have a problem with. It can easily be fit into any company’s marketing budget and result in increased sales and less time spent on marketing. While other forms of marketing can be rather difficult, fax Advertising is easy because virtually everyone knows how to use a fax machine these days. It saves companies like yours money on delivery costs and prevents you from having to spend so much time and money on social media marketing campaigns, which can often become much more work than they are worth.

Since every company must properly market themselves, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with fax Advertising to determine whether or not your company can benefit from it. The larger your company is and the more consumers you are trying to reach, the less you will end up spending due to the steep discount given to companies that use fax Advertising to reach thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of consumers.


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  • Fax Broadcasting 93.6%
  • Telesales 28.9%
  • Newspaper Advertising 19.3%

Fax broadcasting has garnered much more success for most companies than telesales have. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that telesales seem more invasive than fax broadcasting.

Customized faxing has been proven to be an effective form of advertising due to the circumstances surrounding it. Companies that use fax broadcasting to reach their target audience are finding that this process combines both the benefits of faxing with the benefits of making telesales without the negative aspects of it. In essence, it is a way to take what is normally accomplished through telesales and accomplish it using an advertising method that the majority of consumers prefer.